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Aalpha Media


Videos For Your Business

Getting a toehold in the market. When it comes to getting your business started, putting a word across about your business and reaching out to your audience becomes the linchpin of your marketing strategy. Now, for most businesses that are just starting up or even for some established players, spending a moolah on an extravagant advertising campaign might not be the right step forward keeping the ROI in mind. Most of these businesses are often in early stages of their product cycle and are looking for those early adopters to jump into the up-coming trends and build their reputation through word of mouth and help them tip their product into mass adoption.

For these businesses explainer videos is one of the most cost efficient ways to spread their ideas into a large group of audience through existing video sharing platforms. Alpha media, which works on getting together the elements of the explainer video wanted us to tell their story.

Since the focus was on explainer videos, we needed to stylize it as such and give it a simplistic look. Keeping the length of the video on the tighter side and getting the message across in a short span of time was the key here. We created colorful geometric silhouette, iconographies and stat points to help illustrate how an explainer video can help businesses break through the market and race across

their competition with a limited budget. It was also important to educate the audience about these videos and what process goes into making one to help them understand how best they can take advantage of this medium. The color palettes were carefully chosen to highlight different stages of the process giving it a sharper impact when combined with our fluid animation.

Working on these videos is very relaxing and a lot of fun and it gives us the opportunity to experiment with different elements and play around a lot of things in a very short period of time. What’s more fun is helping build a medium which involves solving complex businesses problems in a creative way.