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Crisis Era

The Empire Tour
Crisis Era had been planning their Empire tour for quite some time and when things finally got on schedule, we were quite excited to join forces with them to create some extravagant promotional content for their social media campaign. The idea was to keep things simple and fast paced on the outset for people to grasp on the objective as more intricate details were etched out beneath the surface.

Conquering the World. Ever since breaking into the scene of EDM and hardstyle, Crisis Era has been looking towards expanding their audience and engaging with their fans throughout the world, one continent at a time. And With hits like “Make It Pop” and “Surrender”, it was the perfect time for them to take over.

The Empire tour was planned for two months in summer. The band would be performing in various cities of North America and Europe during the season.

The Crysis. The target of the main campaign video was to raise awareness of the tour, give people a taste of their style and get more followers on board. When we talked to Matt, the style hovered around the title sequence of Game of Thrones where the camera tracks a map with each kingdom rising as we follow through the route. As we tinkered around that idea, after many pages of conceptualizing, pondering over different themes, several coffee mugs and sleepless hours later we thought, “why don’t we do an alien attack and capture.” WOW! who would have thought of that right? So the Ceph awakens.

The Viral Outbreak. Since the band was new to these territories, relating them to something extraterrestrial seemed perfectly natural. The greeble hits the earth releasing its organic form, creating a viral outbreak and taking over the cities in which the band is performing, turning all the cities into lands conquered and ruled by Crisis Era. The presentation, however, was quite simplified.

We tried to get rid of all the complexities and placed simple flat lands with muted colors so that the idea and relatability weren’t lost in all the frenzy. The video was teased on social media with snaps from the video being released at regular intervals creating great enthusiasm among the fans.