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Draper (Originals)

Music Visualization / Branding / Promotions


When Draper concluded the production of his new single he called us up for some fresh promotional content. The single was called Electricity featuring the galvanizing voice of Isabel Higuero. Everything had to be themed around what was running through the core of the song, aaaannd you guessed it right, it was simply Electricity. So the energy had to be carried across all the elements. The main content here was the cover art as the prime imagery for the single release and an audio responsive visualization as motion content.

When it came to Electricity, we wanted to explore its rawness from which it drew all the energy, the power to shock or to completely decimate if left unchecked. As with any form of energy, in its crude state its always unbearable and lethal. Only when its controlled, filtered and channeled it can be diverted into a life-giving force. The design decision, however, was more focused on the rawness but not completely uncontrolled. The fun here was to play with that benefit of doubt, to see that beauty in the beast.

To get started with this, some of us here stuck our fingers into live sockets to get a feel of it. That literally triggered our creative nerves, got us charged up and had some ideas flowing. When we do such things it also makes us feel like Daniel Day Lewis of the design world. We like to call this process Method Designing.

First, we experimented with some long shutter photography and tried to get different patterns of light streaks which worked as our reference. Having observed how the light moved, we then tried to recreate it digitally making it more controlled and stylized, adding different kind of fringes, noise and lines to make it breathe. After cutting through several designs we decided to focus more on symmetry and reduce repetition to increase its legibility.

This design template was carried forward to the visualiser so the packaging was uniform. Draper sent us the bear, which was like a mascot for his brand. So the next step was to make this entire design move. Again the idea of adding any complexities was thrown out of the window at first thought. Keep It Simple was the motto. Since the bear was structured with connected lines, the simplest thing that we could do was to add the effect of passing electricity through these strings and making it light up with music, different sections at a time, giving it a feel of flickering lights.

In a series of promotions, Draper also teamed up with Soundcloud to hold a remix competition for Electricity which saw upcoming and established producers go head to head and give their own take on the song to win a Soundcloud pro account.