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Music Visualizations / Promotions


Draper is one of those producers who isn’t afraid to experiment with his music. His music doesn’t get stuck to any particular genre, it just flows through various styles so seamlessly that it breaks any pattern of being predictable. Draper was quite pleased with the way we used one of his remixes “Worship – Collateral (Draper Remix)” in our video “Let It Rain”. That led to more discussions on how we could work together to drive the music and visuals which could be beneficial in taking his music to a larger audience.

Draper was working on new remixes and was hinting on releasing these at regular intervals. So the plan was to promote these on youtube along with other media platforms. Since youtube is a video-driven platform, it made more sense to come up with some content to engage the audience visually. The idea was to bring a certain theme in place which could become relatable to this remix series. So we decided to work on a visualiser which could be repeated in each remix having slight variations, so they could have their own character rather than just being monotonous.

The idea was to keep it simple and not mash too many elements into the visualizer so that the emphasis is more on the music than on the visual. In lieu of going for some simple loops, the thought was to produce something that responds to the audio so that it retains the viewer’s attention. After trying out a few things with simple geometries like cubes and spheres, we decided to go ahead with simple lines

conformed in a circle which spiked on different beats and frequencies of the music. We tried to project it in 2D, not adding too much dimensionality to it. Although we made it glow which almost made it look like glowing neon lights reacting to music. The colors for each of these visualizers were drawn from the base colors of the original cover arts made for the specific songs.

Along the way, we also quickly worked on a cover art for Draper’s new single “Men and Machines” which was his first official Monstercat release. The song was themed on humans acting as machines with mechanical lifestyles, becoming as lifeless as machines. You can watch the official Monstercat video here.