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Eternal Sunshine

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Ghost in the Shell

Moonlight sun is a half-baked story of a simulated intelligence in a real world. A droid disbanded in an abandoned world trying to make sense of things as it tries to interact with the nature around it and head into uncharted territories where it had never been before, with the curiosity of seeing what’s never been seen.¬†Every new roll of the motor is a new perception, an opportunity to add new bits of information into the system.

But does it process it as a data that it can analyze or an experience that it can relive is the question here. But before breaking the barrier and taking this journey to the unknown, it has to face the ambiguity of choice of either staying where it is and keep seeing things, in the same way, looping things over and over again or moving on to newer distorted perspectives.

That choice in itself might be the biggest hurdle, something which is not part of its protocol, something it was never programmed for, but a result of the simulation which allows it to reprogram itself to being closer to an intelligent system, being able to make conscious decisions. Blurring the lines between simulation and reality.