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Hashback Hashish (Originals)

Music Video

Soul Sleeper

Working with Hashback Hashish always gives us a chance of self-exploration, where we get the freedom to delve into ourselves and try to connect the dots between the philosophical and psychological themes that we believe in. The challenge then becomes to generalize these ideas and present it to the world in a way that we perceive things and hoping to connect with a section of the

audience that believe in what we believe and see things how we like to see it. Where abstraction becomes a medium to look through the complex and convoluted flow of the universe. Getting way too spiritual? Don’t be afraid, keep calm and let the energy flow through you.

Hashback Hashish was invited to play at SXSW, so he needed new indents to represent his grade of music in the electronic sphere. Now SXSW is a mammoth of a festival with artists from various domains pouring in from all around the world. So keeping the indent as original as possible while still trying to connect with a large group of pan-creative thinkers was the key here.

Soul Searching. Soul sleeper became more of a soul seeking experience for us. To look inwards to find answers when the external world fails to make any sense. When the math doesn’t add up, the logic doesn’t make sense, when reasoning doesn’t help, you decide to travel to a place that doesn’t exist, hoping to find it not by being scientific, not by having a map to that destination, but just by having a faith that if you start this journey and keep going in particular direction the destination will arrive and in time you will have your answers. So that was the basis for the thematic of the video.

We were trying to explore the realm of metaphysics, illusions, delusions, the super-conscious where the lines between the dreams, hallucinations, and reality are so blurred that you really don’t see the difference in these dimensionalities. Where all dimensions merge into one another to give the answer for the seeker to know. Does this all make any sense then? No, but so doesn’t the world.

To make all these work, the plan was to capture things in imagery and then integrate CG elements into it to make the entire thing run. We are avid travelers as well! Not that we travel as much as we like to, but we bag pack at the first chance we get. If traveling was made free to us(along with a little luxury) you would probably not see us ever again. So the first thing that got us excited was to get out and do some run and gun gorilla shooting.

This was mainly done on a low stock camera to give footage an old, handheld film captured look. Then objects were added on top of it giving them certain organic and rhythmic movements and dropping them in the most uncertain places that you wouldn’t hope to find it in, almost making it look paranormal. It’s a journey through the unworldly. So just brace yourself and fasten your seatbelts.

The video got featured in the MTV indie music video categories and also got featured in SXSW, giving this soul some piece.