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Hashback Hashish

Music Video


(Hashback Hashish Remix)

First of all, we have to mention here that we were big fans of MTV sound tripping featuring Sneha Kahanwalkar. As music enthusiast where we get inspired by new sounds that trigger our visual neural networks, the show, we thought was very well put together and thanks to the show that got us in touch with some brilliant electronic producers like Hashback Hashish.

When Hashback Hashish mentioned that he was coming up with a remix of the track Rivers from Papercutz we were super doped to contribute through a visual storyline. You see we were quite a fan of Papercutz as well, for their soothing renditions, so it was a confluence of sorts. The objective here was to promote and push the brand of Hashback Hashish music into future events and festivals.

The dawn awaits us. Since the artist was new to video promotions we were free to experiment with the concept and style of the video. Here the lyrical content of Rivers helped us a lot, exploring the themes of letting go and getting back to origins. The remix by Hashback Hashish added more moodiness and mysterious atmosphere to it with experimental pieces of sound bits and elements sprinkled in with a sharp turn in composition and design in the final third of the piece.

It’s all about making things simple, but not simpler. The video explores the themes of life through origins/birth from a singularity to expansion of that singularity to consciousness and a breathing force to the struggles for its own existence to coming in terms with things around it and attaining peace, then finally degeneration and a space beyond that where it regenerates, and this continuous cycle that takes place in different forms. The entire piece was tried to present in a very artistic way. Given the motif of the music, and to develop it more on the human psyche, we decided to give it a monotone look, maintaining everything strictly in black and white.

The horse of Troy. The video was released and shared on many digital and broadcast platforms giving the audience an enhanced experience when hearing this beautiful track. :Papercutz were quite impressed with the entire packaging and shared the video on their official page giving us the extra mileage and allowing us to tap into their fandom.