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360 / VR

An Interactive Exploration

When the possibility of 360 and VR arrived not just limited to a few technologists or geeks but with the technology improvements for the adoption for the masses, the challenge for us was to make use of this new found medium to engage and cater it to a wider audience. In the realm of capturing images with photography the purpose was to challenge and revolutionize the currently one-dimensional state of photographs by placing emphasis on capturing an image as a whole, in its entirety though 360 degree pano spherical vision; processing the images to the highest quality; also tying graphics and visuals to create an authentically interactive experience between the audience and the photograph on display.

From sports to lifestyle our aim was to create a dynamic set of imagery which produced high user engagement making them spend more time engaging  with the product and exploring the environment, giving a detailed product overview in a single canvas These interactive images were integrated in websites and social media producing keen interesting for the newer medium, increasing the audience activity and retention.

The Kawa Kawan basically means a Crow in Punjabi, so the main idea was conceptualized around a it. The crow would be the central character and the entire world would be designed to react around it. This song is based on a legend in which a young girl exhorts the crow to find out the whereabouts of her beloved. Our brief was to create unique visuals to match the lyrics and most importantly appealed to a young audience. After some initial concept designing, we decided that our video would be centered on the journey of this crow and how it explores a new world every time the song takes a new turn.

Entering the world of the Crow Master. The Crow is mostly symbolized with prophecy and mysticism. So we tried to stick with that belief and expand on those lines. From here on the idea was to create a dark and intriguing visual that goes well with the notion on which the track was created. We stuck to the core essence but also wandered a bit on the abstract side of it to symbolize the unknown. The output hence was a mix to slow and fast paced visual storyline which complements the beautiful tune.

Taking the audience by surprise! From the time the remix was produced Tigerstyles were very clear about going experimental with the video for their existing audience base. It was all about an entirely new experience for their fans and how they engage in seeing things in a new perspective. We were quite confident that given the style and treatment of the visuals it would be well taken, especially by the youth.

The results were no surprise. On its release the video created quite a buzz on various media outlets especially in the UK Punjabi circuit, adding more admirers to their existing fan base. The video got featured in the top charts of BBC Asia Network and Brit Asia TV. It also got featured in the upcoming and trending music videos on MTV Iggy.