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Playground 4

Audio Visualization

Low Poly Glitch

As in closed circles, here we delve into the circle in more detail, adding dimensionality to a circle and taking it into the realm of 3rd dimension and turning it into a sphere. We explore a section of the sphere with its building blocks reacting to the music. The base here is another great glitch track from Clozee – Silver Wound.

Every primitive geometric shape is mathematically made of a certain number of points. A line has 2 points, a traingle: three, a square: four, and so on,the more points you add the smoother the geometry becomes. Ultimately if enough points are added, it turns into a circle. Taking the same concept in 3d, the polygons connecting each point in 3d space makes a sphere. Now if any point is moved from its structural position to a new position in space, it creates a distortion in that structure. And our job is to exploit the beauty in this distortion.

The idea for this was conceived when we were working on one of our artworks called Block Factory, where a colored surface was symmetrically distorted to produce something that had beauty in noise

When the polygonal sphere reacts to the music, the points on the sphere would shift space depending on the selective frequency of the sound, creating different patterns of unevenness on the surface. Further, we made 3 different renders of resulting animation. One with the normal colors, a crushed black and white and one with the skeletal view showing the structure with only points and the connecting lines. The pieces were then stacked and cut between each other on audio cues to further enhance the impression. To top all this, additional visual noises and distortions were added to patch with the glitches in the sound almost giving it a jarring feel.

So what are we exactly trying to achieve here? Everything that has life reacts to the world outside it. Our senses are working 24/7 and each information received is sampled and processed. And everything that we sense has an internal reaction. Now, these reactions are so minute that it’s mostly left unnoticed unless we delve inside and seek it. But if all these small units are exemplified and brought to our attention, wouldn’t it all cause a beautiful chaos to experience?