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My Dance Network


Network for Dance Enthusiasts

When one of our visual mechanics broke her hip trying to do Zumba, she realized that it’s not always such a good idea nor is it really easy to spontaneously break into a Zumba routine without any first-hand instruction on a Zumba move or flexing the body before doing it. Especially when you decide to go for it on top of a table trying to show-off in front of the crowd after being drunk. It can get quite embarrassing when you hit the ground head first in a public place before the realization of it hits your head first.

Lucky for her, she was in the safe company of her confidants who took her to our friendly physio who assured her of it not being a major injury with a slip of instructions to take rest and avoid travel and office for the next 2 weeks. She seemed quite happy about that, thinking she wouldn’t have to see us for a while, but that happiness soon disappeared when she heard about the pay cut.

When we were approached with the concept of My Dance Network which planned to connect all the people who would like to shake a leg, from complete beginners who would want to learn their first steps, to out and out experts, to complete show-offs. We already had people from the lineage who had suffered from the lack of it and were equally excited and completely pro for the idea.

While creating a narrative for the marketing video it was important for us do some market research from our side to know the exact target audience and their thought process which would help us in educating the audience about the platform  and spreading the word by connecting with them through a story which not only felt relatable but was also shareable, rather than weaving a story which was an exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies.

We setup an entire set of characters, illustrations and set pieces, placed characters in their specific environments and designed simplified interfaces for the social platform to convey the story. The overall outlook was to make the entire interface look simple yet sleek.