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Music Video

Jack My – Snails Remix

When you think of snails, ya… that slimy creature that takes light years to cover a foot’s distance, you think of the slugfest that’s going to come with its each movement. But this Snails is from a parallel universe which defies all these rules. This Snails believes in vomitstep, fast paced traps, hip-hop and deadly baseline drops. More like snails on wheels and steroids. But also demonical which wants to turn everyone into snail heads.

When Snails planned to release its first EP, the promotions were strategically planned. Since Snails was new to the scene and had a growing audience, it needed a music video which not only was super weird in nature and could capture everyone’s attention but could also complement its abstract nature of sound and synth. We latched on to that idea pretty quickly.

Now the character was already there in the name, so all we needed was to take that out of context and place in environments no one would imagine. Why not send the Snail to space, the monkeys were there, and the rats, so why not the snails? They have their rights too. So the idea grew from there. We came up with an abstract form of a snail which was all shiny and glossy with no remorse, more like Xerxes in 300. Then the main action would take around the snail creating an atmosphere of Snail domination. All floating in SPACE!

The next job was to sync everything with the music… the brain trigger. Since the track had many periodic beats, we thought of playing with the lights in complete darkness to draw the viewer into the video. We synched the beats to lights and flashes to get a more triggered emotion out of the wildness that was going around.

From flickering lights to a giant snail, to bursting eyeballs, to a prodigious snail army, it was all super fun to say the least, and boy did we have a crazy time on this one!