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Vinto Vino


The Online Wine Yard

Everyone would love to enjoy sipping a glass of Chardonnay, sitting on a table while having a nice dinner on the European countryside. Dreams are often expensive and royalty doesn’t come easy. Even if it does, not everyone has the time to enjoy all the luxury.  So what about those who just want to have a good time with a nice glass of wine wherever they are? Looks like this can be arranged!

Vinto Vino is one of those social networks which is trying to build a niche among the wine connoisseurs. It’s a hangout place for wine lovers, buyers, sellers, educators, you name it.

Having tested the concept among a small group of people and close friends it was time to expand their business and target a global audience. Vinto Vino wanted our help in telling their story. The key here was to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers and built a community which got people interested in the wine industry. For many people, wine is such an integral part of their daily meal and given the history and intricacy that goes into making it so special, why not talk about it more?

We worked with a narrative that was simple to understand and put the word across with utmost clarity. The style we choose for this was illustrative and 2d. This simplistic approach helped us put the audience at ease and grip their attention. Having researched more about the industry and the uniqueness of this social platform we put our creatives to work to bring out some simple,

colorful characters and assets which were carefully designed to help us convey the message. Our animators then did a great job in bringing these elements to life and giving a smooth flow to the entire narrative. By creating clever transitions between each scene we were able to pack as much detail as possible into a simple palette.

With the global wine market on the rise and the wine consumption steadily increasing and people becoming more aware and keen on exploring this drink, this platform gives the consumers a chance to hop on the bandwagon and educate each other and share their passion for the drink. Working with

And mentioning all these is getting our taste buds tingling. So why don’t we just pop the cork and pour in a glass of that red Shiraz that’s been lying around for a while? A book of verses underneath the bough, a glass of wine, a loaf of bread and thou. Now isn’t that a life worth living. Cheers!