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Salvatore Ganacci

Lyric Video

Way Back Home

Having garnered millions of streams and landmark international shows through his hard hitting and experimental sound, his fusion of big room, dancehall and modern pop music has made quite a mark for himself among the Swedish contemporaries. Joining guns with Refune records got him that shot in the arm making his music peak at number 15 on Billboard’s dance charts and scoring an official collaborative remix from Sebastian Ingrosso as well.


Bearing the flagship of Salvatore’s hits, Refune came to us looking for the promotional material for Salvatore’s upcoming track Way Back Home featuring the powerful voice of Sam Grey which was going to be one of his awaited releases of the year.

The Lost Paradise. After having a round table with several diasporas on various factors, the best strategy vortexed on a lyric video with the lyrics overlaid on an abstractly fleeting storyline. The song evoked emotions of longing and getting back to roots. A sense of coming too far for what now feels less meaningful. Here the meaning seemed two fold. One was a sense of separation form a person you loved and other of the attachment to the place you belonged where things were much more simpler and pleasant than the paradise you were promised.


The main concept revolved around having a fly through over the mountain and cityscape with the lyrics appearing as part of the environment. Since the artist originally had his roots from Bosnia, the aesthetics were built around the beautiful country side of Bosnia, right from the city architecture to the forest, mountains and lakes surrounding the city. As for the design and style choice for the video we were quite inspired by the minimalistic Japanese anime and

manga imagery. especially from movies like Garden of words. Although the illustrations from the original were simple, but highly detailed life like images, we decided to go with simple layered polygon structures with solid colors. Each shot in the animation was selectively colored and cautiously framed to bring out the mood and emotions needed for the specific part in progression, giving a metaphorical imagery to the words and vocals.

Before the main release the song was teased as part of stories in social media. On the actually release the song gathered more than a million foot prints on various media outlets.